Obtaining the Analysis Tools

Customised Solutions - Exon and Gene Arrays

  • Requires no additional software
  • The array comparisons and page layouts are specifically structured to fit in with the particular way you have designed your experiment
  • Additional fields and functionality can be added at the users request
  • For this option, contact

Flexible Java solution - Gene Arrays

  • Gene arrays only (not Exon arrays)
  • Requires most recent version of Java and MySQL (both are easy to install and configure with full instructions given below)

Affymetrix Expression Console

  • Both options use data which has been processed using the Affymetrix Expression Console
  • The Expression Console not only performs quality control checks, it also cross-analyses arrays and produces tables of final data with or without the latest gene and exon ontological annotations.
  • Download Expression Console (needs free regisration at Affymetrix web site)
  • Please contact us to get instructions on how to use Expression Console with our Analysis Solutions