Exon Array Analysis Tool

Gene and Exon Lists

Click on images for a normal screen-sized view

  • Genes and Exons shown using their most recent names and abbreviations.
  • Intensity data for each gene/exon is displayed for each array (or average of arrays, as you choose).
  • Dynamically choose which fold-change to show.
  • Save the currently displayed list of genes/exons as a Set.
  • Expand gene lists to associated exon lists and vice versa.
Exon Array Solution - List of Genes
Exon Array Solution - List of Exons

Gene Detail

  • Displays the most recent ontological information.
  • Shows the behaviour of each of the exons associated with the gene.
  • Buttons to ‘break out’ to useful web-sites of your choice (eg, xmap, Harvester, Entrez).
Exon Analysis Tool - Gene Detail

Easy Searching

  • Search for genes or exons using both behaviour (gene intensity, fold-change) and ontology.
  • Even searching for exons that behave one way that are contained within genes that behave another way (and vice versa) is possible.
  • Restrict the searches to previously saved sets of exons or genes
    Perform just about any number of AND/OR/NOT requests in each query
Exon Solution - Finding Exons

Sets of Genes and Exons

  • Lists and manages your saved sets of interesting genes and exons
  • Expand sets of genes to show all the exons associated with those genes. Condense lists of exons to their relevant genes.
  • Select sets for viewing and printing.
  • Import and Export sets of genes to share with colleagues.
  • Select sets for cross-comparison using Venn Diagrams.
Exon Analysis Tool - Managing Sets

Venn Diagrams

  • Draw 2- or 3-way Venn Diagrams for selected sets of genes or exons.
  • View the list of genes/exons associated with any sector on the diagram.
  • More than 3 sets can be compared in customised versions.
Exon Analysis Tool - 3-way Venn Diagram
Exon Analysis Tool - 2-way Venn Diagram