Affymetrix Gene Expression Array Analysis

Quick Analysis of Affymetrix Data

Our easy-to-use analysis solutions allow non-computer experts to rapidly analyze their Affymetrix microarray data. They are exceptionally simple to learn, are FREE to use and it can also be customised for individual users.

The tools are specifically designed with the bench scientist in mind. With search strategies exactly the same as those employed when doing a literature survey and with an emphasis on rapidly finding genes/exons to follow up and manipulate.

Simple Venn Diagram Logic

Venn Diagram

Using our solutions, researchers simply find interesting groups of genes based on array data (intensity values, fold-changes, etc.) or gene functionality (e.g., gene names, ontology, etc).

These sets of genes are then combined using Venn diagrams to rapidly identify clusters of genes which warrant further investigation.

With these tools it is easy to answer questions such as:

  • "Show me all the genes that went up relative to the control in THIS condition but not THAT one"
  • "Show me all the genes that went up by more than 4-fold AND had an absolute expression level that I believe"
  • "Show me all the transcription factors that were up at THIS time point"
  • "Show me all the genes that went up by more than 3-fold in ALL of these six arrays"

No Learning Curve

Our tools are intuitive and fun to use. However, whilst hey release the researcher from having to purchase or learn complex and expensive 'statisitcal' packages, they also contain an incredible depth of information that allows complex data-mining.

The solutions run on both the Mac and PC and do not require especially powerful machines.