Structural Biology

The School has multiple, active research programs that have a strong focus on understanding biological processes at the most fundamental level - the structural level. The School has modern facilities for macromolecular structure determination in both of the key experimental disciplines: X-ray crystallography and NMR spectroscopy. In addition, computational methods are used to address the areas of structural biology that are outside the boundaries of what is possible by experiment (for example, membrane proteins).

As can be seen below, research groups within the School use the methods of structural biology to address a range of different problems, ranging from DNA structure to protein design and enzyme function.

Researchers in this field

  • Dr Sandro Ataide - RNA-protein structure and mechanism
  • Prof Richard Christopherson - Proteomic analysis of leukaemias, structures and mechanisms of pyrimidine enzymes
  • A/Prof Charles Collyer - Macromolecular X-ray Crystallography
  • Prof Mitchell Guss - Metalloproteins and enzymes
  • Prof Philip Kuchel - Protein structure and mechanisms
  • Dr Ann Kwan - Protein structure and self-assembly
  • Prof Joel Mackay - Protein structure, interactions and engineering
  • Prof Jacqui Matthews - Protein-protein interactions
  • Prof Jill Trewhella - Structural Biology of Molecular Communication