Cell Biology

The cell biology research carried out within the School is primarily focused on the roles of proteins in the networks of molecular interactions within living cells and the adverse consequences of defects in these. Areas of particular interest include development of novel methods for immunophenotyping leukaemia and lymphomas, the structure and function calcium receptors, the mechanism of bacterial cell division, the pathological consequences of protein misfolding and how assemblages of transcription factors control gene expression. The School is well-equipped to carry out this work, having flow cytometry, fluorescence microscopy, microfluorimetry and eukaryotic cell culture facilities.

Researchers in this field

  • Prof Iain L. Campbell - Molecular and Cellular Biology of Inflammation in the CNS
  • Prof Richard Christopherson - Differentiation of leukocytes and CD antigen expression
  • Prof Arthur D. Conigrave - Nutrient sensor-derived changes in cell function
  • [http://sydney.edu.au/science/people/markus.hofer.php|| Dr Markus Hofer]] - Neuropathology and Immunobiology
  • Prof Tony Weiss - Human Elastin Assembly and Tissue Engineering