List of Resources in the School

Resource Name Description
USyd-SMB-Projector1 USyd-SMB G08 Toshiba Projector
USyd-SMB-Projector2 USyd-SMB G08 Epson Projector
USyd-SMB-Projector3 USyd-SMB G08 Dell Projector
USyd-SMB-Projector4 USyd-SMB G08 3M Projector and Computer (On Trolley - LV 5)
USyd-SMB-Laptop 1 USyd-SMB G08 HP Laptop
USyd-SMB-Laptop 2 Usyd-SMB G08 Dell Laptop (Teaching)
Usyd-SMB-Laptop 3 Usyd-SMB G08 Dell Laptop
Usyd-SMB Video Camera Usyd-SMB G08 Panasonic Video Camera
USyd-SMB-Room-331 USyd-SMB G08 Level Three Meeting Room 331
USyd-SMB-Room-335 USyd-SMB G08 Tutorial Room 335
USyd-SMB-Room-441 USyd-SMB G08 Tutorial Room 441
USyd-SMB-Room-431 USyd-SMB G08 Common Room
USyd-SMB-Room-433 USyd-SMB G08 Board Room
USyd-SMB-Ute USyd-SMB G08 Ute
USyd-SMB-Stationwagon USyd-SMB G08 Stationwagon

Lab Instrument Calendars

Note: All prospective users should contact the lab manager/director before booking any of the following resources

Resource Name Description
Matthews Lab ITC Matthews Lab ITC
Matthews Lab JASCO CD Matthews Lab JASCO CD