The SMB Calendar System

Introduction to the Calendar

We are currently using Google to provide a Calendar service for the school.

It is used to manage a number of different resources including meeting rooms, computer equipment and cars.

You can view a full list of resources here.

A basic starter manual has been created and can be downloaded here.

If you want to learn more advanced skills you can look through Google's support pages.

Accessing the Calendar

Each resource has its own calendar which can be publically viewed by anyone. The list of resources can be accessed here. This page has links to each individual calendar.

If you need to make a booking then you will need to have access to an account. Each lab has a Google account managed by one person from your lab. A list of calendar administrators for each lab can be found here. They should be able to provide you with the login and password for your lab.

You can find information about how to log in with your accounts details in the starter manual.

If you need an individual account then please email . Please note that there are a limited number of individual accounts available so you should request one only if your need is genuine.